Carp in the Ebro River Caspe basin.


congregate in large schools in the deeper water during the winter months, making for excellent carp fishing. The main school fish are in the 25 to 50-pound range, and many carp over 50 pounds are caught here. If you are lucky, you have a chance of catching a carp over 60 pounds, or even over 70 pounds.

The biggest confirmed catch so far is a huge 83-pound mirror carp and several common and mirror carp over 70 pounds have also been caught here. Most of the carp in the Ebro River at Caspe are large carp, most of which have never been hooked before. These river carp are incredibly strong fighters and will surprise you with their power.

 we offer 2 wais for carpvishing totaly independent or the first day wit help of a guide wo shows you the swims and how to fish on that spots.