CATFISH CAMP CASPE. Fishing on the Ebro for big cats, carp and zander. Big tun on the Medeteranian Ebro delta


Fishing on the Ebro for Catfish, carp and zander.

The Ebro is the most important rivers in Spain in terms of length, 928 kilometres, and area of drainage basin, 85,550 square kilometres.

With the aid of various tributaries from different mountain ranges and the Iberian System, by the time the Ebro River reaches Navarre and La Rioja it becomes a wider and more voluminous river. The Ebro River is of significant size when it passes through Zaragoza, Aragon, Upon reaching the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, the Ebro River narrows as it passes through mountain ranges. Here, large dams have been built to exploit its natural resources.

Finally, after passing through the gorges, the Ebro River bends eastward again and in the province of Tarragona, the Ebro River delta discharges into Mediterranean Sea.

The Ebro river is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination because of its rich wildlife and fishing opportunities it provides. Bird watchers can spot gulls, terns, reed warblers, flamingos and more.Fishing in the Ebro River at Caspe is known as some of the best fishing in all of Europe. The River Ebro is known for its extra large carp, catfish and zander fish.

Our appartments in Caspe by the Ebro river is the ideal base for a Carp or Catfish holiday. Catfish action, If you want a break from the Carp and Catfish action, there are great places to visit, and the great wildlife - birds of prey are regularly seen flying over the Ebro.