General conditions  2024

The booking is a contract between the client and owner of catfish camp caspe.


After sending a completed application form, you will receive an invoice from us. You have to make an immediate deposit of 30% (minimum € 300.00). Once you have mailed the form your holiday is legally recognized, the person making the booking is responsible for making all the payments. The remaining amount must be paid two months before the start of your holiday. The invoice amount is split into an upfront fee (which consists of the price for accommodation and boat) and an amount to be paid at your arrival in Caspe.

in the event of to late pay the residual payment Your entitlement to your holiday expires.


Upon arrival at your destination, you need to pay a deposit.

€ 150,00 deposit for the boat and / or € 150,00 deposit for the apartment in Caspe. Deposit for full guiding package is € 300,.00 Deposit by belyboat is € 300,00 Payments in Spain can only take place in cash. wen everting is in the origiginal condition at the end of te renting period we give you back te amount of deposit.


We recommend that you, upon receiving yourBooking / bill, you contact your insurance company for an cancelation insuarnce. Already paid amounts are not reimbursed in case of cancellation. Check with the insurance company what reasons are accepted for cancelling a trip. Not in all cases the fare will be reimbursed by the insurance company. If a trip is cancelled, you will receive a cancellation confirmation you can submit to your insurance company.

Cancellation of reservations rods, chairs etc. within the period of two months before your vacation is not possible.

Have you booked your trip with several people, and one person has to cancel his or her trip. In this case it is no reason for cancelling for the other participants in the group.

Special circumstances: if your vacation cannot continue through (natural disasters, epedemics ore by the government from Spain-imposed restrictions)we do not refund the payments witch are already made. We offer the option to move the holiday to a date Later in the bookings year.


You only can only pre-order your fishing license valid for the province of Aragon. and the COTO licence The permits are valid for 1 year ore one week. On the license reservation form you need for each person who orders a fishing license, fill in the following information: - full first name, last name, address, date of birth, number passport or ID card and a copy of your ID card or passport that is mailed to our address in Spain. When we have not recieved this information on time (two weeks before departure), we can not guarantee that will you have your fishing license in time.



You should leave the rented apartments and boats in their original state at the end of your holiday. Any damage or heavy soiling will be charged against new price. It is also forbidden to take material belonging in your accommodation (such as towels, sheets, pillows, chairs, cutlery, plates, pans) to use outside our property. Needless heavily soiled linen will be charged. Catfish Camp Caspe is not responsible for damage or loss of your possessions housed in the boat or accommodations of Catfish Camp Caspe. We are also not responsible for personal injury. Before you obtain your boat, you must have paid the deposit and signed the renting conditions. You will be informed about the currently known obstacles, and must abide by it. You are personally liable for damage or loss of the boat, engine and accessories. The boat must be left clean after the end of each fishing day. Also, damage or loss of other items such as fishing rods and fishing line is at your expense.

It is not allowed to stay in the accommodation and boats with more persons than booked. The use of the boats is only reserved for guests of Catfish Camp Caspe.

The arrival times are between 14:00 and 20:00 hours; if this is not possible due to circumstances, you must phone us. An arrival later than 22:00 hours is not possible. You have to wait until the next morning after 9:00 am in that case.


Photos taken during your holidays at Catfish Camp Caspe may be used for promotional purposes, if you don´t wan that to happen, than you must report this to us.


For fishing licenses we need copies of you, these are only used for the aplication from the fishing license. then they are destroyed.

Your information will not be shared or disclosed to others. On arrival we must register you in the spanish tourist rigister for this you are relieved to hand over your passport.


Privecy contitions

Your Data will not be given to other persons.

We only use it for the aplication frm the fishing licences by the spanisch state. after dat your dat wil be distroyed.

By arivel you must show us your pass because we must reporting your stay to the Spanish state is required by Spanish law.