Ebro Belly boat fishing.


Always wanted to fish the Ebro for catfish with a bellyboat?

Then you have come to the right place.

After having fished the Ebro for more than 20 years in all techniks with his guests, with many people catching their pb, Peter wanted to try something new.

himself he has been doing this for years in his spare time, but now he wants to let our guests enjoy this spectacular fishing and transfer his experience to his guests who are personally guided by him.


What the trip looks like:


Bellyboat basic:

You rent from us a complete bellyboat with livescope fish finder, E motor and fishing rod. and flippers

and stay in one of our flats including bed linen, towels are not included.

you will then fish the Caspe reservoir completely independently with the belly boat.

Please note that you must provide your own transport to the water, so you must have a spacious car.

On Saturday we will explain to you how to use the bellyboat, after which you can set off for your adventures on the water.

Bait can be bought from us or in the fishing shop in Caspe


Bellyboats luxury:

Upon arrival on Saturday at catfish camp caspe we will get acquainted with each other with a cold drink, During the reception, we will of course discuss how we will fish and who has experience with bellyboats. On the arrival day, we will explain all about fishing technique, using the livescope fish finder and using the belly boat. The livescope fish finder is the most important component on the belly boat, we use it to find the catfish, after which we can fish it in a targeted manner and try to entice the catfish to make a take. The take can be soft as butter but it can also happen that the rod is almost pulled out of your hands.



You will fish 5 days of approx. 8 hours under the guidance of a english spoken guide with 20 years experience on the Ebro with your bellyboat and you will stay in one of

our fully equipped flats with 1 or 2 bedrooms with 2 double beds each.

private bathroom, with shower and toilet. own kitchen with fridge. outside terrace and swimming pool.

Trips include the use of lures,

Worms and loss of bait will be settled at the end of the week.


Breakfast is served in our bar and packed lunches are taken to the water in a cool box.

Return trip is on your own, flying to Barcelona or Reus, then by rental car to Caspe, this car is also useful if you want to do some shopping or other excursions, so you are not tied to our lodge.


The transport to the swim is done with our transport, so you do not have to use your car to transport the equipment.


We have wading suits available for hire, you need to inform us in advance. For hygiene reasons, we recommend you bring your own wading suit.


Bellyboat trips are for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people.


Bellyboats include:

Professional belly boat

livescope finder with battery

motor with battery

rod rests

bait table

compulsory life jacket



Your catches are our advertisement.


If you want more information or have any questions please feel free to contact us we will personally speak to you in Dutch.


Prices 2024

Bellyboat fishing basic

 including accommodation

2 persons € 600,00,00 pp.pw

3 persons € 550.00. pp.pw.

4 persons € 500,00 pp.pw.

wadersuit rental € 50,00 pw

breakfast and packed lunch € 75,00 pp.pw.


Bellyboat tour luxury

2 persons € 1100,00 pp.pw.

3 persons € 1000,00 pp.pw

4 persons € 900,00 pp.pw

Wading suit rental € 50,00 pp.pw


Fishing licences Arragon € 25,00 year

Weekly ticket COTO € 30,00