CATFISH CAMP CASPE biggame fishing

Tuna day trips to the mediteeanian.

Ourselves regularly we went to the Mediterranean for tunfish fishing (BIggame) when there was time for it

Everey time with better material, We were already able to catch tuna up to 200 kg, and almost every day we had a few runs that unfortunately did not always end with the catch of a big tuna..Sometimes the fish is simply too big. The tuna stock has increased sharply in some places in the Mediterranean due to fishing bans for commercial fisheries.

We were always asked by guests whether they could join us once, Because of the questions we have successfully done this a number of times last year.

That is why we decided to purchase a real boat for this purpose, a SEA FURY with 220 hp

It will be possible from 2022. to book a biggame tuna trip day trip from Caspe, if you are spending your fishing holiday with us. We offer this in addition to fishing on the reservoir. and cannot be booked in advance because we only organize trips if the conditions are favorable (read: no wind) it makes no sense to sail out if the wind is too strong, then you can only fish close to the coast where the chance of success is very small. and is it better to fish for catfish, carp or one of the other species on the reservoir.
The boat is a sea fury walkaround of 6.50 m and 2.50 wide with a 220 hp engine. this US. fishing boat is built under US standards. coastguard and can accommodate up to 4 anglers.
We have reels of 50 and 80 LBS. on board and also reels and rods for casting when we find the big schools of tuna
You can drill stand-up or fight the fish from the fighting chair.
A real adventure biggame day trip. Great bites, in a few seconds hundreds of meters of line disappeared from the reel, exhausting drills of sometimes more than an hour.

We use the following fishing techniques.
Trolling ( with lures)
Chuming (floating and feeding with sardines, the bites are explosive, immediately at least 300 meters of line have disappeared from the reel.
Hunting (Throwing to the big schools of tuna hunting in the surface)

We have the right equipment on board for all these types of fishing.( lures,hooks, leaders,reels,rods)

Prices are on request:
mail us or send a whatsapp 0034659371378 we speak english.
A few days in a row with hotel accommodation is also pòsible.
also possible.

kind of fish we can espect.

Blue finn tun




Mahi mahi